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You Might Be Wasting Your Time Fighting the Algorithm Updates. Here's What to Focus on, Instead.

Don’t panic: ‘Algorithm updates’ aren’t the end of the world for SEO managers.

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About Eli Schwartz

Eli Schwartz is an SEO expert and consultant with more than a decade of experience driving successful SEO and growth programs for leading B2B and B2C companies. He has helped countless companies and marketing professionals stop the guesswork and start asking the right questions to understand what their customer wants, where they’re looking for answers, and how to optimize their SEO to meet them where they are by going on an Avatar Quest. He helps clients like Shutterstock, Gusto, WordPress, BlueNile, Quora, Getaround, Mixpanel, and Zendesk build and execute Global SEO strategies that dramatically increase their organic visibility at scale.

In the past, Eli led the SEO team at SurveyMonkey, building organic search from nearly zero to one of the largest growth drivers at the company. He helped launched SurveyMonkey’s first APAC office and oversaw international SEO pre- and post-IPO. 



Companies are losing out on millions of dollars because their marketing isn’t focused around what their audience really wants.


If you’re struggling to scale and raise your numbers, it’s because you’re applying black-and-white thinking to a concept that is more nuanced. You’re ignoring all of the information that your audience is actually giving you because you don’t know the right questions to ask and you don’t understand the value of that information. You’re trying to work strictly off of data, but you’re not paying attention to where/how you’re reaching your audience, and if it’s in the place or tone that your audience is actually looking for that resource.


I can fix that for you.

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Product-Led SEO Book

Product-Led SEO

Nothing can take your business to the next level like great search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to know what will successfully drive traffic, leads, and sales. If you want to stand out from your competition, your SEO needs a distinctive blend of creativity and logic.

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Eli was a pleasure to work with and the most knowledge SEO expert I’ve met. He came in to help us while we were quite down on SEO and quickly pinpointed both technical and external factors that were harming our traffic. He knows it all from site architecture to content strategy. He’s a rare example of a true expert who is both easy to work with and generous with his knowledge. 

Dave Fleischman, CMO - Blue Nile

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