Eli Schwartz

Vietnam SEO and SEM Guide – 📌Eli Schwartz

As a communist country that was closed to the world for many years, Vietnam has been growing by leaps and bounds since their government initiated economic reforms in the late 1980’s. Since 2000, Vietnam has had one of the highest economic growth rates in the world and has a burgeoning middle class.


  • Population size: 94 Million
  • Internet penetration 50%
  • Most popular search engines
  • Currency VND
  • Language: Vietnamese
  • Time zones: GMT +7
  • Major cities: Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi
  • Most popular Internet TLD .VN


What you need to know to run successful campaigns: English is not widely used and understood, so translating and localizing into Vietnamese is required. The Vietnamese alphabet is a mixture of Latin and uniquely Vietnamese characters. As a developing economy, it is mobile first and efforts need to be extended to ensure that websites are optimized for the mobile web.