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Thailand SEO and SEM Guide - 📌Eli Schwartz

While Thailand has been popularized by Hollywood and the media as a place to party, it is also a thriving place to do business. Thailand’s current government was installed by a military coup, and there are some remnants of martial law that include censorship of what can be written online. Mobile reception is widely available all across Thailand, but data reception can be pretty slow even in the capital city of Bangkok.


  • Population size: 68 Million
  • Internet penetration: 56 %
  • Most popular search engines: Google
  • Currency THB
  • Language: Thai
  • Time zones GMT +7
  • Major cities: Bangkok, Phuket
  • Most popular Internet TLD . TH. CO.TH


What you need to know: The Thai language has its own alphabet that is unique only to Thailand, so a decision to focus on this market will mean a serious effort at localization. If you decide to skip the Thai translations there are a pockets of native English speakers, but these will likely be in Bangkok and the tourist areas of Phuket island.