Eli Schwartz

Reveal Hidden Keyword Opportunities with Search Console – 📌Eli Schwartz

Search console is one of my favorite SEO tools as it provides some of the best data directly from Google search database. The drawback to the Search Console data is that it is sanitized and normalized; however, without precise data it is a great source of directional insights. One challenge that most people will face with Google Search Console is that there is too much data, but here a few ways you can easily filter the data for actionable results.

  1. If you have built a solid brand, many of your bigger keywords will be branded. If your brand is somewhat complicated to spell, you will invariably have misspells. Use the filter below to put the primary words in your brand filter out most brand results from queries.

  2. In the current iteration of Google Search Console it can be difficult to find precise queries for a given page, here are the steps to dig up page level queries
    1. From the page report click into a specific popular page.
    2. Once that page is in the pages filter, click queries and you will see popular queries
  3. Find pages that rank for the same queries
    1. Search the keyword in the queries filter
    2. Then click into pages and you will see all pages that ever show up for phrases containing that query
  4. Find pages with queries that have a seemingly low CTR
    1. Click into a popular page
    2. Check off CTR in the metric portion of the page
    3. Look at the query list for that page to find queries with CTR’s that seem out of the standard range.


I will eventually expand on this post with other ways to use GSC so check back again!