Eli Schwartz

Korea SEO and SEM Guide – 📌Eli Schwartz

Korea has the world’s fastest download speeds and sports technology innovations such as fully connected homes that have not yet been seen in the West. As a result of a fierce local loyalty, Koreans overwhelmingly buy Korean made smartphones like Samsung and LG which helps drive Android’s market dominance.

  • Population size: 49 Million
  • Internet penetration 92%
  • Most popular search engines: Naver, Daum, Google
  • Currency KRW
  • Language Korean
  • Time zones: GMT + 9
  • Major cities: Seoul
  • Most popular Internet TLD .KR, .CO.KR

What you need to know to run successful campaigns: While Google is not the leading search engine, they have a Trojan horse in that nearly all the people using their Android platform are slowly being introduced to the other Google products. The leading search engine is called Naver which is very much like AOL of the late 1990’s.  Naver is more of a platform than a search engine, so SEO might consist of creating content on Naver’s various content areas. For PPC, there is no broad match on Naver, so you need to develop a very comprehensive keyword list.