Eli Schwartz

International SEO, How To Get Started – 📌Eli Schwartz

My prediction for 2014 is that International and Multilingual SEO becomes more important than it has ever been. If you have been doing SEO for awhile you already know that good keyword research is the bedrock of any SEO campaign. Keyword research defines the domain you choose, the structure of your site, and the content you create. There are dozens of ways to do keyword research using anything from a simple Google suggest search to SEMRush for deep competitive research.

But what do you when you need to conduct research in a language you don’t speak? Suddenly, all those great keyword research tools become useless or at least really hard to use. Don’t despair! If you are willing to be a little bit patient you can do keyword research without knowing a single word in a given language if you follow these steps. You can even use your data to decide which phrases and synonyms to target just like you would in English.

To learn how to get started on International SEO, try some of the steps I outlined in the presentation below or discussed on video here.  Any questions? Get in touch!