Eli Schwartz

Hong Kong SEO and SEM Guide – 📌Eli Schwartz

While Hong Kong is a part of China, it is considered a special administrative region. Hong Kong is a global financial hub and is in competition with Singapore to be the number one choice for regional headquarters of global companies. A British colony as recently as 1999; English is widely spoken and understood in business.


  • Population size: 7 Million
  • Internet penetration 81%
  • Most popular search engines
  • Currency: HKD
  • Language: English, Cantonese
  • Time zones GMT + 8
  • Major cities: Hong Kong
  • Most popular Internet TLD: .HK


What you need to know to run successful campaigns: Although there are many cultural similarities between China and Hong Kong, marketing in Hong Kong is very different than China. For starters, you can use Google in Hong Kong while in China, Google is blocked. Additionally, Hong Kong uses a traditional Chinese alphabet like Taiwan while China uses a simplified version. There is a fair bit of people that only speak and understand English, so it is not absolutely required to translate and localize just for this smallish market.